Still Got It Fitness has joined forces with Balanced Habits

Why Choose Balanced Habits Life?

Balanced Habits helps individuals improve overall quality of life through customized nutrition guidance.

Who is life for?

LIFE is for anyone who wants to learn how to eat real food to support their lifestyle.  With individualized guidance from your own Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach you’ll receive the game plan to reach your goals no matter what they are.

What can you expect?

A complete Füdcation with your Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach. Throughout your program, you’ll attend structured nutrition appointments and build a customized plan tailored specifically to your goals.

How does it work?

You’ll have access to your Certified Food Coach that will guide you through every aspect of your program. You will receive properly portioned meal guidance, learn how to eat with confidence and never pay for another nutrition program again. EVER.

What's the catch?

Is Staying At Home Getting You Down?

To all our members, friends, and family, SGI understands the difficult times we all face. All of you must stay active and healthy. That's why we created a simple exercise series you can do at home. Stay fit with these great workout videos. You can easily do these workouts in the privacy of your home. They are easy to do, but extremely beneficial to your health!
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