selfcare goals

Self-care goals are important: Are you taking care of yourself?   We

intense training hiit

Do you like intense training?   Some people over 50 think a

fitness improves sex

Fitness improves sex. It’s true at any age, even later in life.

fitness brings freedom

Fitness brings freedom, as this Internet meme shows. Are you a “Golden

Fight Obesity after 50

Fight obesity? Or fit in and follow the latest trends? If you’d

good news about healthy aging

Good news seems in scarce supply these days, doesn’t it? This is

Healthy Choices beat snake oil

Healthy choices? Nah —  have you heard about the new miracle fat-loss

losing fat after 50

Losing fat might be the country’s No. 1 goal for fitness and

manage coronavirus stress

We’re all living with coronavirus stress these days, which are full of

dementia risk

If you’re like most people, a high dementia risk is one of