Exceptional Actively Ageing Fitness Services
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Professional Fitness Services

Personalized Private Training

When was the last time you stayed with an exercise program? Remember it is not you that’s failing the Actively Ageing fitness program, but the program is failing you! Most of these programs focus on long, grinding, and grueling sessions that leave you feeling defeated!

At Still Got It, our experts in Actively Aging fitness will ask you detailed questions about, your goals, needs and will administer a comprehensive test to customize a target specific program, made to your exact needs.

We will follow you every step of the way until you reach your goals and help you maintain your fitness level and quality of life forever.

Tailored group fitness programs

Balance, Mobility & Fall Prevention

These classes utilize light weights and balancing movements through all planes of motion that help strengthen the primary muscles which will activate when we stumble or trip.

We do these exercises using a variety of tools, including stability and medicine balls to improve Actively Ageing fitness.

Parkinson Wellness Recovery

Parkinson’s Disease diminishes the body’s ability to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that affects, not only the pleasure centers of the brain but also and the body’s motor system.
If you have Reduced levels of dopamine, it can cause motor system problems such as slowness, loss, or diminished movements and tremors.

The Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR) Workout helps people with PD by slowing down the rate at which their motor skills diminish.

Research shows that exercise may protect neurons, repair damaged circuits, and improve function in people with PD. Other benefits include a better response to medication, improved balance, better sleep, more energy, improved digestion, and a better mood.
In short, the PWR Workout improves the quality of life for people with PD.