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We Help You Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind By Restoring Your Strength, Improving Your Balance & Reducing Your Joint Pain

Here is what you get with Boomer Fit

Group Training 

Superior customer service with a focus on building relationships with our members.

Special Seminars/Events

Nutrition Coaching

Safe, fun & effective program for those 50+ looking to regain strength, vitality, flexibility, and improve their quality of life.

It Can Be Frustrating

Are you frustrated with the getting older, gaining weight, and struggling to do the activities you once loved?
You’ve probably tried to go to the gym on your own, but you struggle to stay motivated and you're never quite sure if you're doing the right things.
But don’t worry. You're not alone.
You see, at Still Got It Fitness, we work with women and men everyday who had those same concerns until they started working with our staff of Certified Functional Aging Specialists in our fun, safe, and effective small group training programs. 

Three great workout sessions per week

for only $115.00 per month.

Group Training

Superior Customer Service

Special Seminars and Events

Nutrition Coaching

Safe, Fun, and Effective Program


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What our customers are saying:

I have worked with Travis for a little over three years. I began training with him because I was recovering from neck surgery and wanted to regain my strength and fitness after no activity for six months. Taking into consideration my injury and my fear or re-injury, he began my workout routine slowly and had helped me to build up my strength and fitness level gradually. I can’t believe how great I look and feel!

Myrl, (Age 74)  

We have been working with Bruno for over 20 years, and our balance and mobility has dramatically improved. Working with Bruno has made life more comfortable. Our retirement has been wonderful, and we never thought we could feel this good!

Jim, (99) & Nancy, (90) Welsh

Don't let age change you, change the way you age!

• Move better
• Improve flexibility & mobility
• Improve energy
• Rebuild your confidence
• Build strength
• Join a supportive community

Now, imagine yourself in just a few weeks...

You look in the mirror and you are proud & confident...

• Proud of how you feel AND move...
• Confident that you can enjoy all your favorite activities outside the gym
• Proud of all your hard work...
• Confident that you've finally found the program to make this a lifestyle change...

But every long term change starts with a single decision, so take action today:

Bruno Perron and Travis Graham

Join us and start living intsead of surviving!

Join Over 1,000 Happy Customers

Just began with SGI and am starting to get some results, my A1C and glucose were both down (my doctor said GREAT), and the strength in both arms has increased. I will never be 18 again, but there is the possibility of my being a feisty 76-year-old.

Myron, (Age 76 

Bruno helps me work on my strength, balance, and mobility in a positive way that makes me want to keep doing it. I’m retired now, but I don’t want to be less active. What good is retirement without the physical stamina to enjoy yourself? Bruno designs an age-appropriate program especially for me, and he cares about my progress and fitness level. I couldn’t ask for more!

Susan Squires, (Age 63)  

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