When you stop moving, you start dying and we live and breathe that every day.  We offer simple solutions that improve functional ability, energy levels, and tailored to each person’s abilities.  

All this provided in a friendly atmosphere with our professionally trained staff. Our team of Certified Functional Aging Specialists are here to make sure you reach your goals. All of our programs incorporate the Six Major Domains of Physical Function: Cognitive/emotional, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, balance, and mobility. For us to be at optimal health, we must take care of all domains of health. Our trainers will make sure that your gym time has enough variety and challenge to impact all six domains. Working together, we can start transforming you into a healthier person.

Main Benefits of Still Got It Fitness:

  1. Professional and well-trained staff. Professionally trained to work with people just like you.
  2. Programs tailored to fit your needs. All our classes are geared to help actively aging adults and can be modified to fit your fitness level.
  3. Modern facility and equipment. Get a great workout with our modern facilities and new equipment.  After a hard workout relax, in our super comfortable lounge. 
  4. Care. We want everyone that visits SGI to have a great experience.  It is not enough that you just get a good workout, we make sure you are always guided in the right direction.

Our Memberships

Group Training

These classes utilize light weights and balancing movements through all planes of motion that help strengthen the primary muscles which will activate when we stumble or trip.

Semi-Private Personal Training

We group 2-4 people together and put them through a custom designed strength training program that fits each individual’s goals and needs.


Proper nutrition is an important part of your fitness program. When you sign up for a membership, you will have the opportunity to consult with our nutritionist to make sure you reach your health and fitness goals.

Start your fitness journey today.

Join us for a one week trial of our group exercise classes.