Do You Have an Aging Parent?

If your parents are having trouble with balance, strength, or mobility, then STILL GOT IT FITNESS is the perfect place for them.


This is Why We Can Help...

  1. Still Got It Fitness is the leader in health and fitness for the fifty-plus generation.    Our proven system has helped thousands of people regain their vitality.
  2. Professionally trained Functional Aging Specialists.                                                             All our staff our specially trained to help the 50+ with their health and fitness! 
  3. We offer the perfect environment for your parents.                                                        Your parents can be at ease in a non intimidating, friendly, like minded environment.

We offer Incredible Services

that will will help your parents with their balance, strength, and mobility. 

Personal Training

We group 1-4 people together and put them through a custom designed strength training program that fits each individual’s goals and needs.

Group Training

These classes utilize light weights and balancing movements through all planes of motion that help strengthen the primary muscles which will activate when we stumble or trip.

Boomer Fit Class

5 min. Warm-up
10 min. Stretching & Core

15 min. of Strength Training

24 min. of agility exercise

5 min. Cool Down

Boomer Strong Class

This class is a total body workout using circuit training, and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Balance & Mobility Class

This class incorporates various exercises that are designed to improve functionality, confidence in movement, and stimulate muscular control.

Zumba Gold Class

This class introduces choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination.

What are people saying about us?


Age: 76

Just began with SGI and am starting to get some results, my A1C and glucose were both down (my doctor said GREAT), and the strength in both arms has increased. I will never be 18 again, but there is the possibility of my being a feisty 76-year-old.

Jim & Nancy Welsh

Age: 96/89

We have been working with Bruno for over 20 years and our balance and mobility has greatly improved. This has made life easier. Our retirement has been wonderful and we never thought we could feel this good!

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